Omnibus F4 V5 Flight Controller Guide



HI , it states for Smart Audio “The VTX will simply connect to the spare UART1 TX port” but isn’t that occupied by Spektrum satellite connector on J8 (corresponds to UART1) ?
then I can’t find Mach2 VTX? do I just hit and miss it?


I’ve just read through the blog… I think UART1 TX is a typo and it should read…

The VTX will simply connect to a spare UART TX port and you need to enable the appropriate telemetry protocol on the ports tab within betaflight. For more information check out our VTX telemetry guide.


Thanks for ironing that out, hope to get this build done B4 the year is out. :slight_smile:


Hi, can I configure both FrSky telemetry and esc telemetry on UART1? (Esc on RX1 and FrSky on TX1)
Thanks :slight_smile:


This is not possible because frsky telemetry needs to have an UART with inverter. So you will need to use softserial to enable frsky telemetry. It’s in the guide :slight_smile:


Thanks! I was in doubt because in the guide you are referring to UART1, but the esc telemetry must be RX1 so I thought it was possibile :slight_smile: thanks for the explaining.


Hi, I’m also reading the manual, but I cannot understand. If I use UART 1 for ESC telemetry, UART 6 for SBUS, where can I connect the FrSky smart port? Thanks.


hello I want to try inva firmware , which is right? Omnibus f4 or Omnibus f4 pro?


Omnibus F4 should be the right one,


You need to use softserial to make extra virtual uart ports as discussed in the manual :slight_smile:



same here. Any solution?

Thanks in advance,