Omnibus F4 V5 Flight Controller Guide



@mrmisu just to let you know I have just updated the guide to include full details on enabling smartport using softserial :slight_smile:


Ohh wow that was fast, thanks for the reply and additional info included in the post.
This is definitely an interesting board.



Hi evry body at DroneTrest,

Bravo for your manual of the Omnibus F4 V5! Very usefull to me.
I would like to connect a TBS crossfire on it and I would like to know what
Uart to use. I thought to use the TX6 RX6 (UART 6 on BF) but I have some doubt about the inverter/non inverter
mode. CRSF does’nt need any, I guess.

Thanks for the reply.

Best reguards



Thanks for your kind words…

J7 (rx6) (the sbus/ppm connector) is the only UART with hardware inversion*. So if you want to use tx6 with smart audio you can on tx6 or tx1 (or on a soft serial ports that could can setup)

*Although I have not tried smart audio on tx6 so it might also have hardware inversion…but I think it is only J7 that has hardware inversion I am always getting mixed up between all the different versions of the omnibus :confused:

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Hi Alex,

I spent a pretty long time to achieve the setup. It seems to work fine now:
Omnibus F4 pro V5 (BF 3.2.4) with Typhoon BL32 4 in 1 ESC (8 pin cable between the two cards) and
TBS Crossfire Micro RX V2 on J 6 connector (Gnd, 5v, Pin 1 on RX, Pin 2 on TX)
Tramp HV (Pin Telemetry cable on TX 3)
Telemetry on taranis screen (pid, VTX etc…)
The frame is the brend new Ummagawd Remix… we’ll see.
Thanks for your help


I have the Omnibus F4 V3 running Betaflight 3.2.4.
After following your guide, I still can’t get the Softserial to work with telemetry.
Ive soldered the Smart port cable on the Motor 5 of FC, while the other end of the cable attached to the 3rd pin from R-XSR. I am aware of the tiny solder pad on the RX that has non-inverted telemetry signal, but I’d rather use the Softserial for a cleaning setup.

Below is what I’ve done in cli:
Resource MOTOR 5 none
Resource serial_tx 11 A8 (pwm5 pin)
(Enable Smart bus from dropdown list on the new serial 11 in ports tab)
Set tlm_halfduplex = on
Set tlm_inverted = on (tried off as well)

Still can’t see telemetry when trying to discover it from the TX page 11. Am I missing some steps, or is Softserial not supported in v3?
Did anyone successfully set up telemetry using soft serial on Omnibus F4 v3?


I have the exact same problem, I followed this guide and did not work for Omnibus F4 V3, I have tried to connect smart port at the back of the R-XSR and is not working as well, also I have tried different UART and not working as well… Any help for both of us please?


@monto and @David_Munguia_Sanche I dont suggest using softserial unless you dont have any spare UART ports… so for frsky telemtry it is best to use one of the spare UART TX ports.

As for it not working… what value did you set in the ports tab in betaflight? Did you select Frsky or smart port as telemetry as I think it should be set to smartport. And did you also enable telemetry slider in the configuration tab (other features box)?


Yes I did, I put smartport in betaflight and I switched on telemetry and save everything , when I try to discover new sensors in the taranis, it only appears 4 sensors… Anyone around that has telemetry set up for wizard x220s that could help?


That sounds like it is working as I don’t expect too much data from the omnibus on the wizard as it is not packed with sensors. Which 4 do you see?


I managed to get it working finally, after using the uninverted Smart port signal from a tiny solder pad on the RX.
Still one UART short, so smart audio for VTX went to soft serial on motor 5 pin.


I suspect Omnibus doesn’t allow inversion on soft serial, and that’s why soft serial worked for other peripherals but not inverted RX.
Soldering a wire from RX with uninverted signal was the only solution for me.


Any chance you could add ezUHF RSSI to this guide?

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I am having a problem getting my satellite receiver communicating with my omnibus f4 pro v2 with Inav loaded, I am new to this, so not sure if I configured everything, but configured the ports tab and configuration reciever tab. Still it never goes into bind mode. It is getting power though

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Awesome guide has helped me so much.

I am using RX1 TX1 for GPS and RX3 and TX3 for SCA and SCL Magnetometer Compass.

Can you advise which pad(s) I can use with softserial for Smartaudio on my TBS Unify Pro as I have used all the standart UART’s?

Many thanks


You could use the LED_Stip connector on J9 and enable softserial on that pin