No reply to emails re returns


I was recently (over a week ago) told that replacements will be sent for malfunctioning goods as soon as the replacements have arrived. I have spent around £200 with unmannedtech and still haven’t had the joy of using the equipment I have purchased!

Well, as of 4 days ago the goods are showing as in stock and replacements havent been sent out! I have sent 3 emails on 3 different days querying this to support and had no response whatsoever!?

Whats going on please?




I have had to take the last week off work due to some personal reasons not being able to do any work :frowning: So no emails have realy been answered over the last week. I know this is bad especialy if you dont have any reply, but sometimes things happen :frowning: but good news is that I am back working as normal and currently working throuugh all the emails so you will get a reply soon with a solution!

So I am very sorry about this and understand that it is very annoying

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Ok, thanks. hope it wasnt anything too difficult and that you got things sorted.


I believe we sorted out your return, as we are now just getting ontop of everything again, if not just let me know here, or send another email, next up, adding some new products.

Also thanks for all your patience and understanding :slight_smile: