Mission Planner GPS NO FIX problem

As a university finishing project we are making drone (quadcopter) transportation from door to door. We use the U- BLOX NEO 6M GPS and 1.3.59 of Mission Planner version. Although we can not see the GPS through the Mission Planner during the calibration process, we are experiencing Fixing problem. This problem persists even if you connect USB or telemetry. In the initial contexts for GPS we are told to wait for 15-20 minutes in an open area. We do not get a result when we do this, but we did not encounter any errors when we checked the datasheets given via APM 2.8. We do not know what caused the problem and how we should solve it. We can not go autonomous flight because GPS can not solve the problem. Any help please?

First thing is to check the GPS module is connected correctly. Do you see any led on it flashing? If not then maybe it is not connected properly.

Otherwise I suggest you try another GPS module as maybe your one is faulty

Hi @aybibik

Check that your flight controller TX pin is connected to the GPS RX pin
and your flight controller RX pin is connected to the GPS TX pin
(transmit out has to go to receive in and vice-versa)

This is a common error, even us experience guys get it wrong sometime :scream:

Hope this help
Steve :slight_smile: