Looking for a RC developer (paid work) urgent. >300m range RC BOAT

Good day,
Im looking for an experience drone developer to take over the development of an RC boat. At this time it does not need to have autonomous way point capability but that would be a very nice to have. The minimum is a >300m range on the RC and hopefully quality GPS position logging. UK based developer, im based in West Midlands.

The purpose of the boat is logging of water depth. I have the sensors etc for this and would fit to the completed boat. I have hulls, motors etc.

Main area of concern is RC and wiring of this + servos - and time!

If you can assist please get in contact. Happy to speak on phone.


Are you using an APM based system to control everything and log the sensor data? Or APM to control the boats navigation, and then a secondary computer like raspberry pi to handle sensor data and communications? Or is this something you still need to get to? And for now you just need someone to build the boat?