Important Update: BLHeli_32 is Shutting Down

Dear FPV Community,

We have some significant news to share regarding the popular ESC firmware, BLHeli_32. Unfortunately, BLHeli AS, the company behind BLHeli_32, has decided to wind down its business operations. Effective immediately, they will no longer be providing supply or support for BLHeli_32 software.

Why is BLHeli_32 Shutting Down?

BLHeli_32 has been a favorite for 32-bit ESCs in FPV drones, known for its reliable performance and features. Unlike its predecessors BLHeli and BLHeli_S, which were open-source, BLHeli_32 was closed-source and required manufacturers to purchase licenses. However, due to increasing geopolitical complexities and strict export control regulations, BLHeli AS has ceased its operations. The full statement from BLHeli AS explains the details, highlighting the challenges in complying with new sanctions and regulatory measures.

Impacts on FPV Pilots

For now, there’s no need to panic. Existing stocks of BLHeli_32 ESCs should be sufficient for the coming months. Your current BLHeli_32 ESCs will continue to function as usual, although no new updates will be released. It’s also important to note that this shutdown only affects the closed-source BLHeli_32 firmware, not the open-source BLHeli_S.

ESC Firmware Alternatives

There are several viable alternatives to BLHeli_32:

  • Bluejay: An open-source firmware for BLHeli_S ESCs.
  • AM32: An open-source alternative for BLHeli_32 ESCs.

These alternatives offer similar functionalities and performance. Here are some helpful tutorials on switching to these alternatives:

What Should You Do Now?

If you’re using BLHeli_32 ESCs, there’s no immediate need to switch. Continue using your ESCs as you normally would. If you’re considering buying new ESCs, you might want to explore options with AM32 for future-proofing or stick with BLHeli_S ESCs to use Bluejay.

What should we do?

The discontinuation of BLHeli_32 is indeed a significant change, but the FPV community is resilient. With alternatives like Bluejay and AM32, we have the tools to continue our passion for flying. Stay informed, continue flying with your current gear, and be ready to adapt as the landscape of ESC firmware evolves.

For more detailed information, refer to the full statement from BLHeli AS and our in-depth guides on alternative firmware.

Happy flying!