How to choose the right motor for your multicopter drone



Cool, well if you are not sure about something specific just post your question here and one of us will help. And if you want any tips it would be best to create a build log over in our build log category and show us all how you are progressing in your build and what you do in each step and if something is not quite right I am sure one of us will point it out to you :slight_smile:


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If I use a 12rib umbrella, each motor needs to lift 6kg. Is there motors that big?


:slight_smile: as a matter of fact some manufacturers such as T-Motor have heavy lift motors such as the U13 which can produce a maximum of 10Kg thrust, but they cost about $380 USD each.


Hello, informative post thanks a lot.

I’m thinking about building a quadcopter, I’m estimating a frame + components of 1 KG, i’ll add 20% just in case I want to go with onboard camera.

So, I’m trying to find out how much thrust each motor needs to provide as I want to hover about 50% of throttle.

1000 grams X 2 X 1.2 (the 20%) = 2200 grams total
2200 grams / 4 motors = 550 grams

I just wanted to know if I’m right or there’s anything I’m missing.
Would you please suggest me a good motor for this kinda weight.
PS: the quadcopter I’m building is not a racing one, rather a photography quad if I can say, no need for agressive manoeuvres. Thanks


Hey, your sums are totally reasonable and correct. The 50% hover rule is for general/aerial photography drones to get maximum flight time. Many racing drones can hover at about 10%throttle as many motors are crazy powerful.

But for motors for your application I would probably suggest you go for something like our mt3510 motors with 15inch props if your frame can accommodate that?


Hello, I want to build a drone with a motor KV rating of 2k-3k and an efficiency level that will let me fly for about 30-40mins on one battery without overheating the motors, I want this to be a very good racing drone so I would like to ask for help on which motor to buy can you recommend one to me please. The thrust has to be 1600<grams and I can pay up to £30 for 1 motor.



Amazing details.

I was wondering how to measure the RPM of each motor accurately. I came across Hall Effect Sensors but have no idea on how to install or use them. Do you possibly have a link to that where you might have explained

Also is there a complete guide and explanation for parts where i could start from , from ground zero??

Thank you. A complete noob here… :slight_smile:


You could look at getting a tachometer as they are abit easier to use than a hall effect sensor, but u have to have props attached. Eyare relatively cheap from your rc shot or ebay/amazon

And thanks for your kind words trying to add info all the time but writing a good guide takes lots of time. But this is a good place to star to know the parts for a drone


hmm… im no expert but one hour flight time would require a massive battery, and getting 15kg of lift would require some massive motors. if you haven’t built one before this seems pretty ambitious, and very expensive. To start I’d look at the power draw of a hexa/octocopter and see if it is feasible to make something like this without breaking the bank at over $1k. Good luck :slight_smile:



Dear Alex,

I’m quite confuse with the thrust number
Some websites shows the thrust of the motor as related to the % of throttle, show for the same propeller, the same voltage, there are still 2-3 number indicating the motor’s thrust value:

So which one should I use? the one with the 100% throttle?

Thank you!


Ideally you want to hover at 50%ish throttle so.use those values to choose a motor rather than the maximum throttle



Thank you Alex!

I’ planning on a build as followed:

As you can see, I haven’t decided my motors yet, thus, no ESCs & Batteries is added yet to the list

I’m considering the Racerstar BR2205 2300KV sold on at the moment.
Their thrust rating is way over what I needed, but they’re the one with the best price I can find. Emax MT2204 or MT1806 motors are even more expensive!

I’ve asked some other people and they advised me to go for the Racerstar or the Emax RS 2205 S, which can have a lot of excess power for my quad. They said I can always tame it down in the flight controller setting (I haven’t looked at that yet, but I saw there’s a way to tame it down using “motor gain” in BLHelisuite), but if I’m lack of power, then I must upgrade my hardware which is very inconvenient.

Is that true? That I should go for powerful motors?

Note: I’m aiming for the 3:1 or 4:1 thrust to weight ratio, not because I really want the super fast responsive throttle performance, but because I’m going to upgrade and add more weight onto it.

Thank you!


Quite informative post , thanks
I want to build a quad for racing ,the weight of copter is below 700 grams and i am confused with the size of propellers. I chose 2300 kv motors. please help me by suggesting the propellers below-

  • 6 X 3 , 2 blades
  • 6 X 3 , 3 blades / 4 blades
  • 5 X 3 , 3 blades
  • or any other size of your suggestion.
Also i wanted to ask that in determining the speed and swiftness of my copter would depend on the thrust or the rpm provided by motors?


Helpful. Thanks a lot for the information about motors.


i want to made a racing drone .
which size will better ??
what kind of motor i should use to make it faster


hello i have taror tyi-5008 400kv motor for quadcopter. its maximum current is 24A for 15 inch prop. i have used 30A esc but esc get busted.


Sometimes ESC can fail for other reasons, or even something like the motor jamming with the ground in a crash can cause an ESC to burn out too… Lastly Did you use the correct voltage with your motor and ESC?


Sorry for butting in Tech1 but…i understand what Med_Alg is saying about is estimations because i am building one with about the same weight/motors but what i can’t get me head round…lol is what Lipo battery to get? :thinking: the motors will be either 380kv or 580kv, it saying that those two motors ive mentioned both use 4 to 6s lipo’s, either 22.2V or 14.8V, will i need to buy either a 12000 or 16000mAh,? i haven’t a clue about C rating, i thought building a bird and getting it to fly was easy…lol Geee man what have i got myself into :wink: and please don’t baffle me with to much science…lol


I’m thinking about building a quadcopter, I’m estimating a frame + components of 2.5 KG

So, I’m trying to find out how much thrust each motor needs to provide as I want to hover about 50% of throttle.

2500 grams X 2 X 1.2 (the 20%) = 6000 grams total
6000 grams / 4 motors = 1500 grams

I just wanted to know if I’m right or there’s anything I’m missing.
Would you please suggest me a good motor for this kinda weight.


you need something like this.