How have custom drones evolved guys?

Hey custom build guys,

I was wondering what is the history and evolution of custom drones build. I’ve been doing a lot of research to build a comprehensive timeline with all of the events which happend which led to today’s drones. I’ve also created a full infographic about what I’ve got so far - see attached.

I’ve been able to research and find quite a lot of information, particularly the evolution of drones for the use of the military and also in terms of personal and commercial drones, there’s quite a lot of information available.

However, I’d like to pick you brains about custom builds and racing drones.

If some of you guys could provide me with some good research, I’d be able to add to my article and then be happy to have the full history of drones, including how custom built and racing drones have come about.

Looking forward to your suggestions! :slight_smile:


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A good point to make is the supply and demand, you cant go 2 months without there being some new motor released that everyone wants.

Joking aside i think the next point worthy of your infographic will be the next generation of battery tech, currently racing drones get 2 minute flight times (if you fly it like you stole it) so if the next generation of battery will quadruple that, that would be amazing

hey @Moremoney - thanks for that, have you got any references I can look at for more details maybe?


Very cool, I do find it kind of funny that unmanned aircraft (drones) came before aircraft, (obviously because no-one trusted their designs to actually get into them!)

As for the hobby drones industry it all started with paparazzi UAV, and the open source nature has brought about countless projects and variations. Racing drones I would say seriously started with naze32 project that has evolved into betaflight, it was started by a guy in Japan (aka Abusemark)

Hehe true @unmannedtech1 - although Leonardo Da Vinci was already designing flying machines for humans, before we actually trusted them to fly us took quite a long time :slight_smile:

Tell me more about the paparazzi UAV - got any good stories and references about that.

I’ll also look up the naze32 project and see what I can pick up from that!