Furibee X215 PRO (v2) 🐝 Quadcopter Review - Fast and Furious

Gearbest have been selling their  Furibee FPV quadcopters for a while, and it has generaly been well received.  The main concern that many people had with this quadcopter is the poor reception from the VTX unit.  Another complained for a second batch of units is that it no longer used the Kakute F4 flight controller.  Gearbest have listend and have now released a new version, under the exact same name of the FuriBee X215 Pro.  This new version has an improved VTX with extra shielding, and goes back to using the Kakute F4 flight controller.   Priced similar to the popular wizard X220, could this be the new best budget quadcopter? Let’s take a closer look.

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