(French) Differences between CX10 drone with subtitle in English


You want to know the differences between CX10 drone.

CX10A vs CX10C here:

CX10C vs CX10W here:

CX10w vs CX10WD TX here:

If you have any questions do not hesitate ?


Could not tell in the video but do you know how much latency the fpv fiver feed is for the cx10w? Some other wi-fi quads I have flown have a rather bad latency of about 1second

Also it seems the first video does not work :frowning:

Hello thank you for your message, I just made the fix for the 1st video.
The videos are in French but they are all Subtitled in English.
For the latency of the “CX-10” yes it exists but I do not know how long it is.

Yes for latency. Here is a latency test of cx10w and cx10wd.
There is also a test for qx90