Flying a Mini FPV quadcopter - Acro or Balance mode?

I was just wondering if most of you who are flying FPV miniquads fly in Acro mode or Balance mode? When I first got into quadcopters with a cheap one, it did not have self level mode so I was used to flying in acro mode, but since upgrading I have been complacent flying in balance mode. I tend to feel more comfortable with the balance mode as if it gets abit hairy I can let go and the quad will self balance, but should I stick to Acro mode if I want to get into FPV racing?

I would say that you should spend some time getting used to Rate mode (Acro) as this is generaly better when flying FPV, and FPV racing in particular. Rather than your sticks controlling the absolute angle of your quadcopter, in rate mode you control the angular velocity. I will give an example to help explain it abit more clearly.

In Balance, or self level mode, the position of your stick correspond to the angle of your quadcopter. When the stick is in the middle, the copter is level, when you move the pitch stick forwards, then your quadcopter will rotate to a certain angle and hold it until you move the stick to a new position. This mode is great for beginners as it will level your quadcopter when you let go of the sticks.

In Acro, or Rate mode, when you move your pitch stick forwards the copter will continue to tilt forwards at a rate that it proportional to your stick position. When you center your stick the quadcopter will stop rotating, but will keep its current rotation and not self level. This gives you abit more control when racing, but its also abit harder to fly as a beginner.

So short answer its its worth spending some time to practice Acro mode, but if you have never flown before, or you dont plan to fly aggressive stunts then self level mode is the best way to start.

Hope that helps