Flip32 F3 AIO-Lite Typhoon 4x20A 4in1 ESC PRO


I noticed that you stock the Typhoon 4x20A 4in1 ESC, I’ve used the Flip32 F3 AIO-lite and Typhoon 4x20A 4in1 ESC PRO in a number of builds currently I have to order the boards direct from the manufacture.

I was wondering if you have any plans to stock the above mentioned boards in the future?


Yes are are planning to stock the typhoon pro and will soon replace our skyline 32 OSD boards with the newer flip32 F3 AIO. The typhoon pro will probably take abit longer since some of the bugs still need to be ironed out. We have a bunch of new products to add to our site next week so it will probably be in about 2 weeks or so before we have them at our shop.

That’s excellent can you send me an email notification when you have them in stock.

Sure I can do that, I dont have your email but will send you a message here once we have them :slight_smile: