Flight Module Replacement with SmartPhone

i want to replace Flight Module with SmartPhone like Google Nexus it has all sensor that required in Quad-Copter Like gyroscope,accelerometer.so can we do this,if its possible how to start this project?

Yes that is possible and there are a coupe projects but nothing that can compare the the maturiaty and stability of somethin glike the ardupilot software base, but if you have the know how or are prepared to learn its totaly possible. A good place to start might be AndroCopter, but the code is no longer active.

Interesting idea. I built my first airframe using a KK multi-copter controller for proof of airworthiness before embarking upon building and programming my own controller. When I understood the quality and breadth of programming already done I instantly gave up and moved to an arducopter controller and never looked back. Just combining, and then getting usable data from your sensors, (ignore PID for now) is quite a feat!
That’s not to say it’s not a fascinating project, but I’d rather fly than solder!
Re-purposing a generic device like a phone is never going to be great especially when you consider that 8bit processors on purpose-built boards are now stretched to the limit! Then you have to get from your phone to the outside world (esc’s, Rx etc.) at a fairly fast data rate (compared with HID) (expensive as a controller too!).
The idea of using an off the shelf, plug-in device is very appalling though. Off to look at Alex’s link…

Edit - just had a quick look: Interesting! using a digital pin as a ground - I wondered if it was being used as an ‘enable’ but not that I can see.

give me some guide lines to right own flight controller