Everything you need to know about LiPo Battery chargers



Hi can I charge my 5500mah 3s 35c battery with my old imax b3 charger?


yes you can, might take a while but b3 charger works with any 2S or 3S lipo


I’m using an iMax B6 Mini with a parallel charge board for my 6s batteries. Question: can I also discharge/storage mode multiple batteries with the parallel board?



I have iMaxB6 Lipo Charger
I am using it to charge my 3cell Lipo

The problem is that on Display it is showing 23.6V as battery voltage when checked through meter the batter voltage is 11.1V
Kindly help me to fix this problem


In general it will be faster to store.balance the batteries one by one rather than using a parallel board. But parallel board is still useful if you want to charge multiple packs in one go.


What is the cell count of your battery? as that does sound very strange indeed. Are you sure you have a genuine Imax B6 charger as there are loads of fake ones on the market still which simply dont work very well.


The cell count of battery is 3

Yes its the genuine one
It was working fine but suddenly this problem has occured.


Hi, as I am new to Lipo batteries this article was extremely helpful, thank you. I keep reading on forums that it is a good idea to upgrade the cheap OEM chargers but the standard cheap one I have does the job I need it too, as long as I plan ahead lol. It connects via the balancer lead and charges both 2s and 3c batteries.
As it does everything I need it to, is there any good reason to upgrade it as recommended?


Awesome article on lipo chargers! Thank you for emphasizing and putting first the never leaving the batteries unattended. I have heard so many horror stories about this! The pictures were awesome and descriptive!

I have my own guide on lipo battery chargers here if you want to check it out here.


I think if it does everything you need it to, then there is no rush to upgrade to a new one. Just that fancier chargers can do more, like put lipos into storage mode if you are not going to fly for a while so they down wear out etc… Also I found that some OEM chargers are not very accurate/ well calibrated but unless its a very bad manufacturer this is usually not a major issue.


Hi I just got into the drone hobby. My first drones arrived yesterday. A JJRC H12C-5 5MP camera, and a 2016 Syma X5UW 3MP wifi FPV. My question is about batteries. These are the batteries and chargers I bought for the drones.

The first one on the list says it takes 3 hours to charge 4 500mah 25c lipo x5uw batteries but its been longer than this charging plugged into my alienware laptop. It says it should take 3 hrs to charge 4 500mah batteries but all 4 lights are still lit. EDIT Just now the lights went out. I put it on charge between 11 and 11:30 this morning and 3 of of the lights just went out about 2:50p.m just now. The others haven’t arrived yet and I’ve just been using the simple usb charge cable for the drones so far. So which is the fast lipo charger and can someone recommend me.

Basically my question is can i buy a proper fast lipo wall charger to charge all my drone batteries quickly and at once. And which is the fastest one to use?

“Kingtoys Syma X5UC Drone Battery, 4pcs 3.7V 500mah Lipo Battery for Syma X5UC X5UW RC Quadcopter Drone+4 in 1 Charger+Adapter cables”
“DeeRC Upgraded 2 x 3.7V 750mAh 25C Rechargable Lipo Battery for JJRC H12C H12W DFD F181 S181 RC Quadcopter Drone”.
“FLOVEME Upgraded 5 x 3.7V 800mAh 25C Lipo Rechargeable Batteries with X5 Charger for DFD F181 / F187 / F163 / H12C”
“YouCute 1to6 charger and 4 pieces 3.7V 1250mAh batteries for JJRC H11 H11D H11C RC Quadcopter spare parts accessories”
“XCSOURCE 2pcs 3.7V 500mAh 25C Lipo Battery + 2 in 1 Battery Charger for Syma X5UC/X5UW RC Quadcopter BC651”


I’d like to charge multiple batteries too but I need help. The parallel charge board I have has T connections down the center but the 3S batteries have JST connectors on them. I’ve searched for adapters but all I can find are parts to make my own. Are there no manufactured adapters like I need? Thanks


Ok I found a solution to my dilemma. Just needed to order a board that has JST connectors built into it. LOL


How do you remove the balance plug from the charger? The 2 top plastic guides lock into the charger port which seems overkill - and pulling it out stresses the crap out out it . Is there a trick to this?


Perhaps try a balance board adaptor.
( also , some jst plugs have a small clip on them - needs the back of it pushing down to release )


At the charger end, one long side of the white connector has two slots that look a bit like a hockey stick, careful use of a craft knife to widen the slots will allow the battery balance plug (white, 4way for a 3S etc. ) to plug in and out without any undue force that could weaken the connections


when i connect 3s lipo and B3charger after 10sec 2and3 LED glow constant yellow and 1LED is red what mean of this


Hi, Could any one help, I have a B3 Lipo charger. Problem is that I was using it to charge a 3Cells Lipo and when one Cell in the battery got damaged I converted the battery into a 2Cells But I am chairing it in a B3’s 3Cells charging port. would this damage the battery.


When you say you converted it to a 2S battery, do you just mean you are using it as a 2S battery? If you want to convert it to a 2S battery, you will need to disconnect the damaged cell entirely, otherwise when you charge while it is still connected the voltages can trickle between the cells and worst case this can cause a fire :fire: (although relatively unlikely)


Hi there. Could you please tell me if this imax b6 mini is able to charge a 4000mah 30C 3S battery with no problem? And about power supply? Should skyrc OEM power supply bem enough? Thanks