Emachine wizzard x220 + fatshark teleporter v4 reciever

Hi there, I am new to the racing drone world, and have purchased myself a emachine wizzard x220 and a second hand pair of fatshark teleporter v4.
I have noticed that the emachine wizzard does not have a female transmitter so I cannot use my fatshark antenna’s.
How would I go about this ? Does only my transmitter need to be replaced ? Or the whole system connected to my camera? If so how do I go about this? What would be a good transmitter and setup so I can connect with my fatshark teleporter ?
Cheers :slight_smile:

the antenna that comes with the wizard will transmit signal fine you jus need to make sure the fatshark is using the same antenna ie right polarised or left polarised check these listings and see what connection your wizard is using (probably rp-sma) if the fatshark doesn’t use the same connection i believe you can get adaptors