DroidPlanner V3 (Tower) Released!

Just incase you were starting to get used to droidplanner 2, the new version has just been released, and its now called Tower :tokyo_tower:. Many of you who have already used droidplanner will see that the new version is very similar and has all of the same features such as the survey option, and follow me (3PV). Also the building mapper mode is also included in this release which creates a waypoint pattern along with camera trigger commands to take timelapse photos that can be used to generate a 3D model of a building so already its got all the features you will need. Full droneshare support will also be included within a week or so.

Another cool app that was released for android-wear. So if you have an android smartwatch you can use some cool features such as very telemetry, or activate follow me from your watch.