DJI Phantom vs. Inspirehe

Can anyone tell me the differences between the two drones, and which one is better for what type of user? Im a average user who wants to use drones for making movines. Thanks for the help in advance.
Really like the phantom 4

Essentially the Inspire one (and variants) is for professional/dual operator use. Otherwise if you are a hobbyist or looking at starting to use a drone for professional applications the phantom is a much better option.

Yeah I totally agree. But what about the DJI Mavic? I’ve narrowed it down to the Phantom and Mavic.

I’m just worried it’s going to get worn out from folding in and out so often. Do you happen to have any experience flying the Mavic?

Thats a good point about mavic, but I am sure that DJI will of designed a decent joints joints for the mavic so it will last a long time. But over time we will find out!

But by far the mavic beats the phantom just because its so much smaller and easier to carry around. I have not tested one yet, but some people say mavic camera is worse than phantom, (I dont think it is) but even if it is, I would still go for mavic due to its ease of use and size so you can take it with you basically all the time to capture anything, anywhere, anytime :slight_smile: