Customer service non existant


had my new taranis tx the other day ,battery pins broken got in touch ,got email nxt day ok thats fine now zilch nothing asked for a phone number zilch nothing ,come on you lot get in touch i only want a battery so i can use my tx ,phone me tx me email me let me no whats going on ,im not very happy,


Sorry for keeping you waiting as I can imagine the frustration in receiving a shiny new radio but not being able to use it due to a broken battery connector

Also sorry about the delays in getting back to you but things have been abit busy this week here as Sam (my colleague) has been on holiday this week so I have been running things on my own (helping customers and sending out orders with no time in between to fly :frowning:) , so things are abit slower than usual. I have just replied back to you with return details so we can get your battery fixed/replaced.


well true to there word they got a replacement to me nxt day so im happy,would say tho you could do with a contact number for people to get in touch otherwise im happy cheers