Hi ! I am New in Drone is Just that i dont like to use the transmitter they provide so is it possible to use a flysky i6 etc controller to control my new drone MJX B3 which I just bought it only a few week ?
Thank you if you can help and also how do I new to do with the transmitter in order to control the MJX B3 please help and teach me the way … Thank you !!!

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Billy Chng

In general you can use your radio with other new drones but your new drone needs to be able to support flysky, or have a flysky reciever.

However, in the case of the MJX B3, quadcopters like this often have some customer toy grade radio and reciever so are not compatible out of the box. But since they almost always include a radio with them.

Hi ! Alex
thank you for you advised but not bigger problem will the bug 3battery connector is a xt30 so I Soildering it out and change to a XT60 after finish one of the motor stop moving then aftrerv checking think getting worst burn out !!! I already order a MJX Board the main one and I would to order ESC which I really don’t understand is the max esc only goy total 6 wire but in the internet all I see brushless got 5 + another three with a connect then how am I going to fix that if the board arrived?sorry for my not good English hope you can help me in that !!!

SThank you


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