Bought myself a V-Hawk x4 have grandiose ideas to make it FPV. Am I a total dingdong for even thinking of doing such a thing?

I have just gotten a Ares V-hawk x4 at a very reduced price. I have read your forum until my eyes started bleeding! I believe I have absorbed enough info to have an idea of of what I need.
A- I want a dedicated CCD with around 40mS, but I can compromise.
B- I would like a FOV of around 3.0m< to 3.6m<
C- An adjustable wide dynamic again if possible?
D- An IR adjustable lens once again adjustable?
E- A separate TX 5v batt for my TX?
F-I live in the USA ( Fredericksburg, VA to be exact.) So I will check with the FCC if I can use 200mW at 5.8 GW &I do plan to register my V-Hawk with the “Dredded” FAA because I know it weighs more then a Pigion’s droppings! (To anyone from the FAA who read’s this, I’m only kidding.)
I happen to own an IPhone 6s & I would very much to integrate this into my FPV system. I am trying to do this on the cheap. I don’t plan to race this, I am a pilot with over 2000+ hrs. Mostly in taildraggers (Including 4.3 hrs IFR instruction time in the EAA’s B-17-G model “THE ALUMINUM OVERCAST”!) But these days real flying has become to prohibitive for me so it’s either FPV or a straight jacket! (The straight might be somewhat cheaper but much-less exciting!! So any help would be most helpful.
Help me out & I’ll tell you all why they call me the Earthquakeross!

Should be no problem
Is this the craft “
Wingspan: 27.5" (696mm)
Wing Area: 241 sq. in.
Length: 33" (838mm)
All-up weight: 31oz (880g)
Battery: 4s (14.8V) 1300mAh LiPo”
Seeems fair bit of weight for small batt , but it’s also a wing most of the time ?
A) yes , a runcam swift 2 or foxeer arrow 2 or 3 would also show battery voltage on screen. CMOS are also making a comeback.
B) a 2.1 lens gives those slightly fish eye yet pleasingly broad views. 2.8 will give bit more detail.
C) the above cams have wdr , often needs switching on in menu
D) either ir blocked or not.
E) yes a separate batt for vtx and cam is good. If not a simple dc-dc voltage step down / buck / regulator.
Yes stay legal and safe !
There are dongles that plug into phones that display fpv image.
My advice would be a cheap starters pack of ;
All in one cam and vtx , small mah batt to power it ( think the all in ones are often 1s)
Will give an idea of fpv for (sorry £) £20 rather than the £45 for cam vtx and antenna.
The receiver part ,
a) 5” screen on phone with dongle ?
(Poss a bit poor)
b) actual vrx receiver unit - screen , (about 6”) (diversity)antenna , auto search
(Poss much better than phone , about £75?)
I have one that with an ezcap plays image to larger laptop screen. Ends up with significant delay but ok.
c) goggles. Steady on these for the moment.
Be good to have a colleague to assist for a bit , but imagine the craft you have is self stable , and can hover and all that ?
Obviously you need to be able to return craft to landing site in case of video failure.
Good luck.
Anything else just ask
Sorry for delay in reply - guess your specific craft unknown to many - but they all fly / and can film !
( note - before long you will feel the need to record your images … more research !)