Battery C Rating

Hi i have a simple question, if my installation require 60 A how i calculate the maximum current drawn from the battery?
The battery will need to have over 60000 mAh or mAh multiplied by C rating must be over 60 A ?
Which one of these 2 therms must be higher for a longer fly time ?

The mAh is the capacity of the Battery.
The C rating tells you how fast your Battery can discharge itself.

So if i have a battery with a bigger C rating and lower capacity that mean it will take less amps but for long time, in reverse it will take more amps quickly?

You confused Amps(current) and Amp hours(capacity).
If you want to fly longer you need high mAh values.
How fast the battery discharges depends on your flying style. If you give it full throttle some setups required higher C ratings to achieve its highest performance. However a battery with a high C rating does not automatically drain more current from your battery than a battery with a low or medium high C rating.
Also the battery discharges faster or slower depending on the inner resistance of the cells of the battery.

I can recommend you some battery specs if you give me your setup information and your “flying use” (freestyle, race etc.)

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