Babyhawk R problems

I need help with my Babyhawk R it has the new emaxx magnum F3 FC and 12 A 4 in 1 ESC and the Babyhawk R vtx
the problem is that when I go above 25% throttle the video signal cuts out
what can I do i have chekt all the grounds and the problem is still there

What battery are you using with your babyhawk? Could you let me know the full specs of your battery as maybe it has a too low C rating so the voltage drops when you increase throttle so your VTX shuts down?

It is a 3Cell 550 mAh 80c lipo

80C should be high enough… but to rule out what I think you should try to remove the props and see if the VTX still cuts out when you throttle up. When the props are removed your quad will not pull as much current from the battery/ESC so if it only happens with the props on it will help us find the cause of the issue.

Thanks but it look like it was the cap I swapde the cap for a new one and now when I throttle up it is fine

thank you for your help

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