Aurora 90 rx issue (betaflight not saving sbus)

Yeah I was going to get the Furibee which is copy of the Lizard for only 114.00 CAD but I am going to pass , I already have one with problems…I have the King Kong 110 and it flies great out of the box. I just flashed with new firmware and wow this puppy is fast, really fast…Reaso why I want a second one , little smaller like 90 for indoor and outdoor, why I went with the Aurora with protection around the props in the event I bump into my furniture …So any other Micro’s you recommend. Emax? With OSD,…and if possible at least 50w or 100 w . King Kong is only 25 w and get brown outs all the time, I might change up to XT for battery…but first things first…need to fix the Aurora , if not I have plenty of parts for the next little quad. Tx