Armattan Toothpick 🦷 - What do you think?

-65mm props

-top mounted lipo

-custom alumi front cage fully protecting a nano cam

-custom shorter rear posts

-New rubber moulded vtx antenna mount that is modular with the custom alumi rear posts. No bolts needed.

-slightly slanted aerodynamic top lipo plate. (This is the result of shedding weight from the rear end.)

-dry frame weight (fully assembled): 17.5 grams. A mere 1.5 grams heavier than the famous dental frame… :slight_smile:

Running 1103s/8000kv on mine and it is silly fast. Feels like 5 inch with more agility.

Not a toothpick :angry:

It’s a great looking 2.5" frame, but with all the extra weight (1.5g more is a dirty lie, toothpick-style frames are 5-6g + canopy and hardware can’t go over 11g total so best case this is 6.5g more which is almost 10% of ideal AUW) and size over a toothpick and no way to mount a split style cam I think it’s a pretty pointless product.

I think every manufacturer is getting onto the toothpick hypetrain at the moment… But I agree it is a super cool frame and defintely keeps the “Armattan” look and feel.