Adding Telemetry to the Walkera QR X350 Pro



Concerning GPS lock I observe (in Switzerland) that it depends very much on the sky condition. Also a hand over the upper black part of the frame blocks blinking of the GPS status LED. Which are your observations?


@millonario, when you gona upload video tutorial. Please do that soon, it will be very helpful
for us :slight_smile:


Has anyone figured this out and gotten it to work? I am having the same problem.


On another forum I read that you solved the problem with the telemetry on QRX350 Pro.
Please, if you can share your experience with us


i had problem with the vid so the answer is (ctrl+t) to connect


I have a QR X350 Pro with Devo F7 Radio. Will this mod work to provide telemetry to my F7 screen or is there a way to have it goto my Iphone, as you stated you can do with Droid Planner on a Droid phone? I am very new to the whole Quadcopter thing so any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Yes this mod will work with your x350 pro but you will not be able to display the telemetry on your devo F7 radio unfortunately. You will need to use an android device for the telemetry fuctions. Also eight now there is no support for ios devices like iphone/ ipad but you can also use a laptop instead.


I have soldered everything with an minimOSD but I am not getting any gps read outs. I connect to APM Planner and all that I’m able to see is if my quad is armed or disarmed. no info is being shown. i need help figuring out how to set up telemetry. It says 0% parameters downloaded… i have no clue what to do haha I’m new to all of this.


If you connect your X350 to your PC via USB and open up mission planner are you then able to see GPS data? If you cant connect to your X350 then you might want to try running some tests via the terminal to see what is causing the issue. It might be something you connected wrong or may be something is shorting? Do you have a photo showing how you connected everything?


Okay I got the prams but the gps seems off, it’s acting weird like it’s flying on it’s own… I didn’t set any waypoints or anything either. And on the map in mission planner the drone icon is moving around like it’s flying…
Also I can’t get the telemetry to show up through OSD on my fpv monitor.
Is it possible to send a video so you can see what I’m talking about better?


Hi, Im not brave enough to solder these items together, would someone be kind enough to do it for me?



I just bought the new Walkera HEX Tali H500. Do you know if I can do the same to it. (Add 3DR radios)?


Hi all,

could someone please tell me why to change the resistor on the DEVO-M board?




To correct the output on the RX (mislabelled) for being able to get duplex communication.
As far as I know no one have come forward and validated it. There are also information that there might be another resistor on the otherside of the board that might need to be exchanged to get it working.

For now and without exchanging resistors? this telemtry guide will not enable to transmit commands to the QR X350 pro or enable changing of waypoints on the fly. Only transmitt status and telemetry data to the ground.


Does not work at all… Only thing I can get to work is radio signal and battery voltage. I connected everything just as shown above. Will only work with the first version of droid planner.


Thanks a lot for sharing this information!
(The main reason I bought the x350 Pro was this guide as I wanted to use the ‘Follow Me’ mode which is mentioned at the beginning of the page.) Do I understand you correctly that the ‘Follow Me’ mode can be enabled by changing the resistor(s) or can’t it be enabled at all with this Devo-M mod?


After a research I believe that the diagram is wrong, I think that you must connect the tx from the devo to rx at the 3dr module and the opposite,rx devo to tx 3dr, cause the data that the devo transmits (tx) should be received from the module (rx) and the opposite.


I confirm that the drawn diagram is incorrect (RX and TX wires are swapped). The correct wiring can be seen on the photo just beneath it (the one where the wires have been soldered to the Devo-M)


I tried swapping my tx and rx wires. didn’t seem to work… I’m at a loss. anyone have any other ideas???


Matt, from what I have learned submitting a few pieces of telemetry information from the quad to your mobile device is all that can be done with this mod (so you had the wires soldered correctly before)