3RD IRIS, first quad and price confusion

Hi guys and gals,

Long time lurker, first time poster and all that jazz.

I’m confused as to the price of the IRIS? Im thinking about making it my first quad, initially I was going to build from scratch but Im only really after automated flight for a project of mine.

I initially found the reference to the quad on this site but after a few searches I found it in a few other places but the prices are some what different, why is it on here for £152 + Transmitter but everywhere else for $600-900?

Also is there a estimated time until its back in stock? seems like forever haha

That being said if anyone else has any recommendations for quads with autopilot, similar to the iris but not around the £500 mark i would appreciate a heads up xD

I’ve noticed when an item is out of stock the web site seem to throw up any old price. £152.00 would be nice though :smiley:

Welcome to the forums, and sorry about any price confusion. When an item goes out of stock for certain bundle products our website calculates the price based on the items that are in stock, but as soon as it is in stock then the price will be back to the regular price.

As for stock we have some more on the way to arrive in about 2 weeks. And there is a reason why they where out of stock for quite some time :wink:

As for IRIS alternatives you might want to consider the X350 Pro, doesn’t include the pixhawk autopilot but uses a version of the APM autopilot and it can be modified to include 2 way telemetry for similar features. its also abit smaller.

Haha Thanks for the update guys, looks like the Iris is off the table for now then, had a feeling it was too good to be true :stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking at the X350 Pro just yesterday, very nice piece of kit, very similar to the phantom in design, still a little pricey for a training quad, especially when I wont be able to play with it for 9 months xD shame we are not allowed our own drones on base!

Back to the drawing board xD

I forgot to mention, another option you could consider is the CX-20 if you are after a ready to fly quad, it doesnt fly as long as the x350 pro and doesnt come with a gimbal, but it is much cheaper and also uses a version of the APM flight controller.

However if you are willing to build your own it will usually work out much cheaper, especially if you base it off something like the F450 frame, with MT2213 motors