REVO Accelerometer-g


I have a new REVO and can’t wait to dig into RaceFlight with it. However, I’ve notice that my Z on the Acc-G stays at 1. Is there a setting I can use to null this to zero or is this a hardware problem?

Also, this may explain why my yaw drifts to the right.

Thanks for any input on this

What software are you running on your revo board? Coudl you send a screenshot of the GUI for me to see, but in general its normal to have some non zero value on the z accel since that is measuring gravity so should never be 0, otherwise you are in free fall :wink:

I can never remember as some software sets this to the g value (hence 1) other output raw accel value which should be around 9.8 for the gravity constant.

Hope that helps

I only figure stuff out right before bedtime.

Okay, I didn’t know about that part about the Z axis. How it was sitting like that I thought it was a bad thing. Second, I got the yaw problem fixed by changing drivers. Meaning, in CleanFlight instead of letting it find out what acc_hardware I have I told it to use another device name and it worked.

The only thing I can think of is that this should be the first thing to set first. I have to go out of town today so I can’t test it out until later.

Ha! I got the damn thing to stop drifting . In LiberPilot, I don’t know if I can change the acc_hardware, like that.

Thanks for the fast reply.