RC Switch on pixhawk

I have a DX8 and a pixhawk.
The DX8 is set to trigger channel 7 on a switch. When I look in MP at the radio configuration, I see the switch responding.
There is an RC Switch plugged into RC7 and it does not light up when the radio switch is thrown.
I’ve plugged it into channel 6 and it wakes up just fine when the throttle is raised, so that works.
This seems really odd.
Any ideas?



That does sound rather strange as the output rail all share common power/GND. How are you powering your Pixhawk output rail? Also what RC Switch are you using with your pixhawk?

The issue is resolved.
Unfortunately the documentation for the PixHawk requires a programming knowledge base that includes the magic decoder ring, because the 3DR folk won’t answer email, and unless you are part of the development team it would appear that you are not worthy to have the specific details of what triggers what in the device.
It’s really good to know that companies out there value customer questions, and that everybody is an expert at the product without documentation. If my organization treated customers this way, we wouldn’t have many. If any. I’m not so sure this device was a good purchase.