QR X350 pro USB connnect problem

I am having a problem getting my computer to recognize my QR X350 pro. I need to communicate and be able to download new firmware, but my device manager does not recognize the quad as a port. Any ideas? My computer does not have any com ports. Everything connects via USB or HDMI.

What you plug in your USB cable to your PC and X350 quadcopter, do you hear any USB connect sounds? If not then there might be an issue with the cable not being plugged in properly or the cable itself is damaged

However the second video in this post shows a great overview on installing the software and drivers for your X350 flight controller.

The great thing with using mission planner is that it also installed the drivers for the board which I think is possibly the issue you are experiencing.

Hope that helps

I have the same problem! when I connect it to my laptop or any other computer with different USBs it says “does not recognize the device” but the left green starts to blink. Is there any way to solve it? I really need to update my firmware but I can’t! please me please!