px4flow missing i2c cable

I’m making the complaint public here as I had no answer for 2 days now.
The product shipped with a cable that doesn’t fit anywere on the pixhawk. So I can’t use the 100 pounds item that they sold me.

Below is the full text of the message sent to unmannedtechshop regarding order 15662.

"I paid over 100 pounds for this item and it’s incomplete.
The product page doesn’t say the fact that it doesn’t come with the needed i2c cable.
I find this unacceptable.
To make it worst … it seems that you don’t even sell the i2c cable !!!

When you buy such an 100 pounds item … you expect the package to contain the 10 pence cable necessary in order to use it!!!

How can you sell it like this?
At least mention on the product page!!!"

Firstly, let me say that we apologise for the lack of response but we don’t seem to have received any of your emails; how did you send the messages to us? In future, it is best if you send us a message via our ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

Secondly, we do apologise for the lack of I2C cable as this should have been included in the package and we do not know why this wasn’t so. We will of course send you a cable free of charge today for delivery tomorrow. Please note that the cable needed for this item is a DF13 6 POSITION TO 5 POSITION CONNECTOR 15 CM and we do sell this item.

We hope you find this satisfactory and and we once apologise for the inconvenience.

I have that connector and it’s useless. It doesn’t fit anywhere on the pixhawk.

In the reference pages it clearly states how to connect to pixhawk: by using a i2c cable!

So please don’t send me another DF13 6 Position to 5 because there is nothing I can do with that. Please send me the
i2c cable instead as stated in the official pages specified above.

Currently the PX4 Flow Cam is sold as its own device and only includes the 4 to 5 pin cable, and is sold how we receive it from the 3DR factory. We do however sell the spare DF13 i2c cable (4pin) you need on our site and will most likely include this with our future batches of modules.

I believe that Sam has already send a replacement cable as we assumed you did not get any cable with your kit, but will arrange to get a 4 pin cable sent to you as well even though its not included with the board by default.

Hope you have a great weekend :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why that assumption was made. I mentioned from my first post “The product shipped with a cable that doesn’t fit anywhere on the pixhawk.” I really don’t understand why 3DR ships with that cable seeing that in the official pages they use the i2c connector.

Thank you Alex and have a great weekend as well :smile:!