My Feiyu-Tech G4 took a bath

I use this gimbal mainly when i sail, and mount it in the aft on the sailboat… and after last sailing competition the gimbal, with gopro managed to take a nice bath…

The GoPro actually survived and received some nice bugs, but is somewhat working if i remote control it with my phone/gopro control…

but the gimbal… Sometimes it works for a few seconds, and then turn plain dead… however, the led lights are still flashing.

I hardly think i can return the product, and i wonder if anyone out there have any clue what i can do?


Sad to hear you have a damaged gimbal :sailboat: , do you possibly have a video showing the problem? As for something to try my suggestion would be to just try load the latest firmware onto the gimbal to see if that helps. However if there is a hardware fault then its most likely something that is not easily repaired so you will need to get a new gimbal :frowning: