MSP430 not working on Windows 7

Good afternoon~everyone

I am student majoring in electronic. I met some troubles and could anybody help me?
THe system I used is window 7,but I don’t know why MSP430( the datasheet of MSP430 ) can not connect to my computer. The MSP430 I used produces by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS. According to its datasheet,The device are ultra-low power mixed signal microcontrollers integrating three communication interface,watchdog timer and 11 i/O pins
.Isn’t such a MSP430 compatible with win7 ?

I cannot find a true forum to post it ,are there anyone help me or give me some suggestions on the true forum?

Thanks a lot.

What board are you using? Is it one of the Ti MSP430 evaluation boards?

Yes,the board is TI MSP430.