Motors Spool Up on Bench Test


Quick question for you.
I’ve bought Dad a GTR-90 for Christmas and I want to get it working ready for the Christmas Day. I have hooked up a DSMX/2 Teenycube receiver to the drone, and I am using the 1024 Serial Provider. I have set up the sub trim on each axis which now reaches 1000 and 2000.

The question I have is when I take the throttle past roughly 1500, and then cut the throttle the motors continue to spool up. I haven’t got any props on the motors, which makes me think it’s a Gyro issue. The only way I can stop the motors spinning up is by disarming it.

Have you had any experience with issues like this?

Kind Regards,

It is normal if you have air mode enabled… it’s a function of the vibrations from your quad on the bench being picked up by the IMU and it gets itself into a loop of ever increasing throttle which cause yet more vibrations…


Thanks for clarifying this. It was confusing because I never had this issue before with my Tyrant S or TBS discovery, but there is a first time for everything.
Thank you for answering so quickly.
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