May 2019 : Tree Proximity Challenge


Challenge (May, 2019)

:trophy: Prize - 1x DoomedFPV V2 Frame

This month is all about controlled proximity. Share a video of you doing some neat proximity flying, but what we are looking for is how controlled and smooth you can be. Submit your videos below.

  • Smooth Tree Proximity.
  • Get as close as you can.
  • Be as controlled as possible.
  • Don’t get stuck in a tree :evergreen_tree:
  • Quad size doesn’t matter, but bigger is better :slight_smile:
  • Video should be at least 45 seconds to 1:30 minutes of continuous flying from a single take.
  • Video should be new and done / posted within the month of May 2019.
  • Editing skill is not important… If all you have is 1 clip raw DVR send it in.

:alarm_clock: Deadline: - End of this month

:man_judge: Judge - @DoomedFPV

Here is an example of some nice proximity flying


Here’s my state for ten! Hope you enjoy.:blush::+1::fire:


It’s a great video @Lamaule and thanks for sharing, but to be a valid entry it needs to be tree proximity :deciduous_tree: and also be posted within the last month. I added some things to make it abit clearer. As the focus for the challenge is flying, not editing skills (which yours are great btw)




Got some practise in tonight. If I manage to get back to this park before the deadline I’ll try and get together a proper entry, otherwise this might end up being it :smiley:


nice sync, dont know i dare to upload now after that


It’s all for fun mate, post away!


Damn Sync - that’s some good flying. I know what to aim for now.
My attempt (not as good)