Ir triggers and were to buy from

Were is the best place to order ir triggers from, because little smart thing took my money.

HI, what camera are you using? Do you mean that you tried the stratosnapper? If so I am sure it will work as it is one of the most versatile camera triggers available, but it doe require a little configuration to work properly.

If you need any help setting it up just let me know.

Otherwise we do sell some other more basic IR camera triggers here -

I went to buy the stratosnapper from the little smart things company but never heard back from them. I did not even get my money back 300$. That why I am reluctant to buy from overseas companies.

That does suck, did you pay via paypal? If so I suggest you try to contact little smart things again as whenever we have dealt with them they seem to be good. I am sure that there has just been some kind of mistake. If you want I can talk to our contact there?

I did pay with PayPal and the email links on their website are not working I have tried to call, but their number is disconnected.
the accounts will be one of three carl Davis
Davis aviation
Paula Davis
and then i order one it would be under otto munn

If you cant get a hold of them my suggestion would be to file a paypal claim on the transaction, as long as its been within the last 2 months you should be able to get your money back since they have not yet posted the item to you.