Image processing through ardupilot mega 2.5

i want to use a ardupilot mega 2.5 in a quad copter that uses fpv to identify landing platform. This things does not come with the default software,i want all the default stuffs and also this image processing part,how this can be done? plz help,thanks is in advance. FYI,i am a beginner.

Its not possible to do any image processing on the APM 2.6 itself as it is nowhere powerful enough. Usually the way to go would be to use a second computer such as a raspberry pi, or beaglebone black to do image processing and then just send relevant motion commands back to APM via MAVlink commands.

However I don’t think this sort of thing is suitable for a beginner, its best to start with the basics of getting a Quadcopter built and then you can start by playing with the code. I know that there is some shared code of doing image processing with arduplane on a pandaboard. It was used in the outback UAV challenge to automatically recognise outback Joe, so I am sure there will be some stuff you can learn from on how to integrate with ardupilot.

Hope that helps and will be great to share your progress on your project s it does sound interesting :slight_smile: