How to upgrade Frsky XJT module (internal module in Taranis)

We have already discussed how to upgrade the firmware of your FrSky Taranis radio, however if you want to load the EU specific firmware onto the internal XJT transmitter module you cannot simply use a USB cable.

Since Taranis firmware (OpenTX firmware) 2.1, it is now possible to update the internal RF firmware directly from the taranis menus itself as shown in our Taranis firmware upgrade guide, or Frsky receiver firmware upgrade guide. However if you have any problems with that then you could still try this method if you have the spare cables etc…

What you need

Making the upgrade cable

You will need to connect the FUC-3 cable to the SPC as shown below

Now before connecting the 3 pin servo lead into the back of your taranis you need to adjust the cable of the SPC. First remove the red power lead and move the black ground lead to the middle slot as shown below.

Upgrading the firmware

With the taranis radio turned off, you need to plug the SPC into the back of your taranis according to the image below. And plug the FUC-3 USB into your PC.

If your computer does not automaticaly install the drivers, you might need to manually install them by downloading the drivers here. Once everything has installed you can view the device on your device manager under virtual COM port drivers

Now you need to open the frsky_update_Sport.exe file you downloaded before, once open select the correct COM port of the CP2310X device (FUC-3). You must also select the upgrade file (the .FRK firmware file you downloaded)

Now you must turn on your Taranis radio to ensure the interal RF is powered, the application shold show a message telling you the device has been found. If not, close the application, and disconnect the cables and start again. You might also want to restart your PC, or run frsky_update_Sport.exe as administrator too.

Once you click download the firmware will start to update, and after a few moments you will see a message telling you it is complete. Now your firmware on your interal RF radio of your taranis has been upgraded!

If you have any questions just let me know and I will try to help.

Hello, i get an error at the end Device time out, after spending so much on how to get the firmware. i thought it would finally work but nope now i got this error. Cant find anything about it maybe u could help. thanks.

You should probably use the new method for upgrading your XJT module by loading the .frk file onto the Taranis SD card, and then via the menu simply load the firmware directly on the module. The guide to flashing taranis XJT firmware is here. However instead of selecting flash external device, simpy select flash internal device.

I tried that too it gave me an error update

Could i add u on something maybe so talking is easier…

What was the message? I konw that we recently have fixed taranis because there was a fault with the internal XJT module (but the taranis was about 8 months old) so it could be that your XJT module is faulty. However what version bootloader do you have on your taranis? Is it version 2.0.9?

2.1.6 bootloader, I have tried doing it through the special usb with the pins on the back. Didnt work device timeout.
I tried the SD nope UPDATE ERROR, i just downloaded Open tx 2.1.8 the newest of the newest still didnt work before 2.1.8 i had 2.1.6 opentx. I have no idea whats wrong

I followed this :

I have all the three modes D16 D8 LR12.

Did you ever find an answer to your xjt problem? I’m having same issue

I had the same problem with upgrading my Frsky XJT internal module.
Try to remove your external module (I had an Orange Module for my TinyWhoop at the back of my Taranis). This Worked for me …

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