Help me choose the right esc

Hi there, i have a simple question that hold me in place for some time recently , if i have an installation that draw 60 A, about 15 A per motor then i need an ESC with 20% more amperage, so an esc with 15 x 1.2 = 18‬ about 20A.
I also need a battery with a higher amperage than the installation require but the battery amps need to be lower or higher than the amperage of the esc per motor? the value on the esc is showing that the esc is running at 30A so we need to be able to give more amps or that show it can handle maximum 30A so the battery amperage need to be lower ?
**For more details check this topic ; **
How to choose the right electric speed controller, battery amperage and motor proppeler?

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