FPV for RC cars

Totally new here and on the SBC subject itself. For the past few years I have been using an RC Axial
SCX10. I put a camera and pan/tilt on it for inspection under houses that was modified from my FPV drone. I have tried 1.3, 2.4 and 5.8 frequencies. I added a light as well. I could never get it to take the video and/or still pics that I wanted and I always looked for another solution.

I think this might be it.

Can someone point me in the direction to start? I need to work in a receiver, transmitter, Pan/tilt, go/reverse, left/right, camera still shots and video as well as light on/off is at all possible.

I have never tried anything with an SBC before but the covid19 stuff leaves me more time.

Thank you all.

Hey bud, start with Pawel Spychalski on YouTube. Become a Patreon, and support him. He has modified iNav for rovers. Now it accepts reverse, two axis pan tilt. My JLB Cheetah is a work in progress. I’m about to devote all my time to it, but I’m finishing up 3 copters at the moment. I’ll get there…

Google Photos

Google Photos

Thank you.

I see he is mostly into drones but that will help.

Hello Garrett,
We’ll it depends on what you want to do. if you are looking for a autonomous home inspection robot, go with something proven. ArduRover is a great platform but if you’re looking to experiment with SBC it’s going to be a lot of time to figure things out. Also, as far as frequencies you have to go with lower for better penetration if you are moving around objects. Ham band is best for radio systems (433 mHz) bit you will need a no code license.
iNav is now getting up there with ArduRover, and basically Pawel Spychalski writes the code for it, and is about to program a “preset” in the GUI for rovers.
I respect him highly, and communicate with him frequently, as he rewrote the code for tri copters in inav which is been very problematic with the tail servo filtering.
I now have two tricopters that fly flawlessly, without any kind of tail feedback wire running on cleanflight, AKA tri flight which is not being supported anymore.
it escapes me how people have left tri copters as they were the beginning of the drone movement. Everybody had one at first with the KK controllers.
Anyway hope this helps cheers…