Fatshark tx 250 mW blown capacitor

Hi, a few months ago I purchased Fatshark Attitude google with the transmitter Fatshark 5.8 Ghz 250 mW. I have used many times the transmitter without any problems, I connected it to the wrong voltage last time it burned a capacitor. Since I don’t know this capacitor and where I can buy it.

Could you please help me!

The original value was 47uF 25V but it can be replaced by any cap 10-100uF 25-50V. Even a DIP cap will work as its an input cap and not critical. TX should work even after the cap is removed to test it (but not a good idea to run a long time without the input cap).

You can buy them from farnell/mouser but they usualy have a minimum order, in which case you can have a look on ebay for a replacement


Hope that helps!