F450 Frame Extension


Wanted to extended the F450 frame (not the DJI one, the one sold here) with another level, and add a vibration dampening component. Are the screws M2.5? Do you sell M 2.5 20mm spacers as I only see M3 spacers.

Many Thanks

Is this one suit for your copter?

The holes on that vibration damping mount are M3, but if you are looking for M2.5 Spacers, we dont sell M2.5, so ebay is probably the best place to look, these ones are quite strong and look good:

Hi, thanks, I’ve just bought the dampener kit. I have the quad F450 air frame. This was back in March, so no idea why I was asking for M2.5 spacers and not M3s.

Would M3 spacers do? Not sure what screws F450 uses, not easy to measure