Brief Guide to R6DS 2.4GHz 6 Channel Mini Receiver

This is a quick installation guide for the R6DS 2.4GHz 6 Channel Mini Receiver.

Operating Modes

There are two operating output modes:

  • PWM signal output mode:when the LED is red, this indicates PWM signal output - 6 channels in total.

  • SBUS/PPM & PWM signal output mode: when the LED is _blue/purpl_e, this indicates SBUS/PPM signal output. CH1 outputs PPM signal, CH2 outputs SBUS signal, CH3 outputs PWM signal (for helicopter) and CH4 to CH6 output CH8 to CH10 independent PWM signal simultaneously - 10 channels in total.

To change the settings, press the ID SET switch two times within 1 second, and the signal is changed from normal PWM to SBUS/PPM (it is set to normal PWM by default).

Installation Guide

  1. The antenna must be kept as straight as possible. Otherwise it will reduce the effective range.
  2. Large model aircraft made of metal parts may interfere with the signal - in this case, the antennas should be placed at both sides of the model. Then the best RF signal condition is obtained at any flying attitude.
  3. The antennas must be kept away from conductive materials, such as metal and carbon by at least a half inch. The coaxial part of the antennas does not need to follow these guidelines, but do not bend it in a small radius.
  4. Keep the antennas away from the motors, ESCs and other noise sources as much as possible.
  5. To start the receiver, press and hold the Easy Link (ID SET) for one second.
  6. After all of the above steps are completed, the LED indicator will turn red and stay red.
  7. The receiver can be protected by sponge or foam when it is installed on the aircraft.

After all of the above steps are completed, turn the transmitter off and then power it back on. This ensures that the receiver is connected correctly to the transmitter.