BMFA Multi-Rotor Achievement Scheme

A while ago BMFA started a special interest group that covers FPV flying, Drones, and Multirotors which is very promising when considering the regulations over in the USA. And in addition to that
the BFMA launched there new achievement for multirotors so you can gain some achievements with your multirotor piloting skills. Currently there is a basic A certificate and a advanced B certificate. Both look like they will give you a good start on getting a commercial qualifications if you want to ever head down that road.

The ‘A’ certificate is a measure of flying ability and safety which ‘may be equated to a safe solo standard of flying’ and an increasing number of clubs use it as their ‘safe solo’ test. As an examiner, the level of competence you should expect of a candidate should be based on that criterion; that is, is this person, in your opinion, fit to be allowed to fly unsupervised?

The ‘B’ Certificate is “designed to recognise the pilot’s more advanced ability and a
demonstrated level of safety which may be considered by an event organiser as suitable for
flying at a public display.”

Overall this is great and if you recently purchased a multirotor like an X350 Pro, or DJI Phantom then it would be a great idea to head down to join the BFMA and find your local club to meet some new friends and get some training! The other great benefit of joining BFMA is that you get insurance too