Battery Question - Charge Cycle formula

Hello to all the Electrical Engineers out there, I know you hang around these parts.

Got a question that popped up in my Engineering exams. I am asked to calculate the maximum of theoretical charges of a Lithium Ion battery. Any idea where to look for this kind of information? Are there any reputable sites out there… worthy of referencing?

Seems like it should be a straight forward question but I can’t seem to get a straight forward answer anywhere.

Just asking for some direction, not answers :wink:

I would pose the question to someone like the tech dept at gens ace

I might actually do that. Cheers

I found it! Battery Univeristy is the place for all things battery related if you’re interested.

Also, apparently you can double the life of your battery by charging it at 0.10V lower than the rated capacity.

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Banjo – thanks for posting. That’s really useful :+1: