Arm/disarm newbie!

me again!
my first build is 99% complete and i can see the end!
But i can’t arm/disarm‽!
I’m sure it’s some option from my transmitter (turnigy evolution) connected ppm to streak f4 FC, or is it a switch on my goggles⸮⸮ seems unlikely to me but what do i know (fatshark dominator)
I’m flying beta flight and i can test motors and radio when i’m connected but when i try to throttle when i’m not connected i get nothing. My RTX is FS-A8S and i have a solid light as if i am bound…
I just don’t know! please help

Congrats, I usually like to set a spare switch on teh radio to be the arm/disarm function, so you can set that via the flight modes tab. Hope that helps!

Share a pic of your quad for us to see!

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this is bull shit Blhelisuite worked fine with my old Blheli esc now I can’t connect. I think this goes a bit deeper than we think. Does that mean I need the blheli_s?? Blheli_s sucks compared to the old Blheli. They were versatile and who cares about hardware pwm in the esc when the calibration is all you need. another example of proprietary greed stepping up