42 y/o vergin, where do I Start? Read this you will laugh

Alright guys, this is going to be long, please don’t beat me up too bad on here. I am kind of all over the place. I know nothing, but I know I think I want to build a f550 (pretty decisive right?). Anyway, maybe I should start with telling you what I want to accomplish. A buddy and myself were talking and I got this great idea to build a drone that would be able to fly a 6 pack of beer from my house to his… …6 miles away, lol. And like all brilliant ideas, it came to us after drinking a few beers ourselves. Anyway, after looking around for forums and at parts and motors and esc’s and being totally fucking confused I decided instead of going all balls to the wall on a giant 1000mm+ drone on my first go around, and and wrecking somewhere I wont be able to find it and recover the pieces, I thought I’d consult the drone gods first! Probably the only smart thing I’ve done thus far. So here it is, I want to build a f550 to start so I can learn more and see if I want to invest the money into building a drone to deliver beer to a buddy. So I here is where I am now. I have decided on the f550 and I would like retractable landing gear and a 3 axis Gimbal for a go pro because I would alsolike to use this when I am out riding quads and what not, if it could send a couple beers to a buddy 3 blocks away I would be happy. I, just like everyone else would like the longest flight time I can. I’m guessing I can accomplish that by more thrust, a lower kv motor and more batteries, but that alone is confusing as hell to me. I know I’ll also need a fpv camera, goggles a transmitter and receiver and an fc. Would you guys be willing to school me on this shit so I can hurry up and crash my first drone?

Firstly buy the Haynes Build Your Own Drone guide.
That gives you everything you need to build an F550 as a complete noob to this hobby (it’s what I did)
That should allow you to figure out what motors and size blades you need to carry n x 368g cans of beer :grin::+1:

Be cheaper to chuck the beers in a cab save u a lotta grief :wink:

I know i know, just not as fun!

I know :wink: post made me smile thx :slight_smile: